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The Blogoplanet

Publishing my writing in the so-called blogosphere makes me feel like I’m creating some type of mediocre craft work that goes straight to

Naming my blog was the first blogosphere experience that made me feel like I’d never had a clever or unique idea in my life. We’re sorry! is already taken. We’re sorry! is already taken. We’re sorry! is already taken. Jason, Marty and Jo-Jo!

Why am I even writing a blog? Well, the answer is: Justin Mencher told me to do it.

No! That’s not why! I’m writing a blog because I can take all day to write something and not have an annoying editor change my very intentional paragraph structure. Without paying me. I’ll do my own writing and editing without paying me myself, thank you very much.

It’s a sad business writing a blog. Mostly because it’s not a business at all. It’s more like my friends reading what I write, them being super supportive in the comments and then me not even selling my friends t-shirts and bumper stickers with my blog’s catch phrases on them.

So for now I’m going to pretend that I’m not producing one of “1 million new posts (in) the blogosphere each day,” but that I’m writing my thoughts on a teensy-weensy, little blogoplanet, as small as the one  in The Little Prince, where my voice is the most unique voice that there is. Because it’s just me and the prince. And he blogs in French. Which I just ignore.

Hey! Blogoplanet t-shirts, anyone?

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  1. I love your blog because my name is in it. Another page I can add to the millions of hits I get when I self-Google. (Actually I love your blog for other reasons as well, but they’re classified).

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