The Secret

In relationships, it’s not the big things that destroy a marriage. It’s the little, daily battles and rubs. So, early on in our marriage, I realized that the best way to avoid those daily battles was NOT to expect that the things that are important to ME were necessarily as important to Rob, and vise versa. Thus, if each of us TOOK CARE OF WHAT WAS IMPORTANT TO US, then EVERYTHING would get done.

So, for example: Rob sweeps and I clean the kitchen counters with a particular wash cloth. Rob does all the laundry and if I get to it first, I fold the pants right out of the dryer to prevent wrinkles. Rob mops up the excess water that accumulates on the sink with a hand towel; I replace the hand towel and clean the sink.

Everything. Gets. Done. And no one gets pissed. Unless someone uses the countertop washcloth on the floor. Then I have an aneurysm. Oh! aneurysm has a Y in it. Cool.

Here’s my point. How about the Republicans who so loathe the federal government go back to their $750,000 a year salaries at the businesses they so successfully started. Run those businesses. Fire people, hire people, whatever they do: do it. They’ll fix the economy THEIR way.

In the meantime, we Democrats will continue to run the Clinton-era lean federal government, take care of old people and poor people and then create government stimulus packages to put the unemployed back to work rebuilding roads, bridges and maybe even updating schools with energy-efficient power. (Have you been to a public school lately? Those are the most unnecessarily overheated buildings on the planet.)

Maybe then we’ll have a better relationship.

5 thoughts on “The Secret

  1. With us the secret is the boy does whatever the girl tells him in exchange for baked goods. We hope it’s sustainable.

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