Facebook Love

Recently someone said to me, “It’s just Facebook, Cath.” To me, implying: It’s not real life; it’s high school.

Uh, helloooooooooooo! Real life isn’t really real life. Real life is high school. Facebook? Facebook is merely life’s wonderful yearbook.

Facebook Haters: BE WARNED! I’m about to throw a few more slow burning logs on the Facebook Fire of Love.

A short time ago I was an adorable kid who dreamed of being a comedian. Then I grew legendary-sized breasts, dieted non-stop, dated guys, had an eating disorder, a digestive disorder, dated some assholes…wait. What the fuck was I going for in this paragraph? Oh yeah! It was all Very Serious.

Writing on Facebook was the first time in a long time that I got back in touch with my unserious side. I began to make fun of myself and to write The Truth about my life. And guess what?! Half the known population is also on anti-anxiety meds! AND most people have a family member with a serious mental illness. That is called: Group therapy without a co-pay.

Guess what else happened? (Don’t guess! I hate guessing games. I’ll just tell you what happened.) The people who appreciated my honesty and humor on Facebook didn’t just remain my Facebook Friends, they became my 3-Dimensional friends. And lots of them, too. Facebook was actually a faster medium for making friends than a girls’ dorm at boarding school.

But, wait: there’s more! Facebook is 100% responsible for me getting a job. I had spent a mere 30 minutes with my Most Awesome Boss Man in “real” life, but it was my Facebook posts that convinced him I was “a communicator.” A Communicator! I didn’t even know that I was A Communicator. Bottom line: he hired me. So suck it, LinkedIn!

Live! At the Improv: Facebook Banterers

AND THE BANTER!!! OhMyGawd, THE BANTER!!! Facebook is like comedy improv for me and my friends. That creative, spontaneous back-and-forth and the howling laughter: that is some fun. And I think you can intuit where I stand on the merits of more “fun” in one’s life.

I am not even stating the obvious great things about Facebook: that it allows you to keep in touch with near and dear old friends who live far away; provides a medium for getting to know the interesting people you barely talked to in high school; introduces you to wonderful people all over the country whom you’ve never even met; and keeps you updated about family. Or, more accurately, keeps people you’ve never even met updated on how fifty percent of your family ignores you.

So, the next time you read a negative news article about Facebook, or someone complains about how Facebook is The End Of Civilization As We Know It, or — even worse — minimizes its importance: please feel free to send them a link to this blog. And make sure they know that we’d all be just fine with them going back to using email.

14 thoughts on “Facebook Love

  1. “So suck it, Linkedin” made me burst out laughing, suddenly 3 sets of eyes staring at me wanting to repeat out loud what I just read. I ignored them, waved them off and continued reading in my real world of facebook. Genius!

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