On Wealth

Do you think I hate rich people? Ohmygawd, no. I went to boarding school, for genius’s sake. I hung out with “debs:” girls who were “coming out” and had personal assistants for their cotillion shopping.  How could I hate rich people when I WAS a rich people?

That all being said: there are RULES. They are called: CBW’s Rules For Being a Rich Person Who Doesn’t Bore Her. The rules are Very Complicated. So I made you a flow chart.

7 thoughts on “On Wealth

  1. Bargady, you are friggin’ hilarious! One day, I can’t wait to hear about how you evolved from boarding school deb to the groovy, down-to-earth social critic of today. Since I have so many class issues, we’ll have a lot to talk about! xo

    1. Oh, I was never a “deb” myself. I just learned about it at boarding school. Or, as I asked the person who was talking about her cotillion, “What the fuck is a deb?”

      I would love to get together and talk about class and more. I will tell you this much about my shift: it’s due 100% to a professor at UVM named Jim Lowen, author of the book “Lies My Teacher Told Me,” which — interestingly — was on teh Barrington High School reading list one summer!

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