Zen Diagrams

Well, I had so much fun making that On Wealth flowchart that I decided to create some more graphics for your listening pleasure.

I’m calling them Zen diagrams because I once confused Venn with the word Zen and it was totally fucking adorable.

Car zen.
Zen Venn.
Republican zen. Yeah, right.

20 thoughts on “Zen Diagrams

  1. oh my gosh. this is so good. you are a master. did you used to read INDEXED? (diagram a day on an index card?) i think you would find it inspiring in form, but lacking in zing.

  2. http://thisisindexed.com/

    is the thing i mean. and i don’t mean to compare, only that indexed was the first time i’d seen fun diagrams and you already have surpassed it. i am afraid that person will see this. now i KNOW she will. hide me.

    even the colors you choose are so right on!

    the jewish men. he he he.

  3. jewish men…giggle…very unexpected the left side to go there! (also not sure why i read the right first!) you are the Zen Diagram Master!

  4. i went to college with an un-adorable woman who was convinced that everyone thought she looked like meg ryan. for halloween she said, “i guess i’ll just dress in a black tshirt and jeans, and go as…” and everyone was like “…?” and she said so confidently, “MEG RYAN. you’re the first people i’ve met who haven’t noticed the resemblance!” that is why i will spend tomorrow thinking NOT of things that used to be special like shrimp and twins, but instead of people who resemble CBW who are not tainted by this bad memory

  5. for adorable that doesn’t resemble you, i nominate a line drawing of a slice of toast with dot eyes and a tiny “c” mouth and stick legs.

    1. hahahhahaha! dude, i totally thought of you. are you being PAID? i’ll redo the diagram if you are. it requires being paid :) (initial standard was saturday night live level of income, but i’ll make an exception for an old friend)

      1. 1) yes, I am.
        2) your ‘exception for an old friend’ smacks of damnation by faint praise. To say nothing of the qualified hedging of a broad sweeping generalization in the fine print. You should work for a Pharma.
        3) <- this is the third one
        4) Yogurt and coffee in the morning keeps me regulah.
        5) I spelled that that way on purpose
        6) I'm leaving this one blank

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