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Oh, Can’- a – da

As my step-mother pointed out, Canada looks like the United States and they speak English (well, except in the Provincial birth place of that terrifying ex-streets-of-Montreal mime troupe Cirque de Soleil). But it really is a different culture. I’ve tried my best to capture the spirit of that cultural difference in this blog photo album. Enjoy!

Nothing was ever pushed out of this “Tupperware” cabinet by a hidden leprechaun.
Leprechaun is spelled with a U. I learned so much on our trip.

Whoa! You could turn on the disposal from a button in the counter top. I didn’t even know that was legal.

Here my son is visiting a fireplace. Those are geometric-shaped logs in the fireplace and behind them is the outside. With a view.

I love how this caption is not fully contained by the photo. That’s because I was so excited.

Well, that about does it. As they say in CANADA, so long for now!

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