God’s Will & Grace

I know the god’s will rape thing is weeks old, but I can’t get it out of my head. I mean, assessing god’s will is pretty much the business of The God, don’t you think? As in, “You dense, irritating beast of burden! I am All Powerful. You don’t get to ascertain my will!! Stick to your own lowly realm, for my sake.”

But, if I believed in a god and thought that I knew her will (you were expecting my god to be a white guy?) and I became pregnant after being horrifically raped (redundant), what would I do? Well, maybe I’d pray to my god, talk to my husband, consult my Ob/Gyn, discuss it with a friend or a family member, and then decide what to do. Perhaps I’d decide that this pregnancy is a gift to the world, and not something conceived from evil, and that I would have the baby. Or, maybe not.

Guess what I would NOT do?


Now, while we’re all still enjoying the word fucktard, I’d like to appeal to the five remaining moderate members of the Republican party and ask them to Have A Talk with their bible-spewing, white male counterparts and ask them to please cease and desist on telling me what god wants me to do. And while you’re at it, please ask them to stop their awful, combed-over, parted-on-the-same-side hairdos. Tell them it’s The Will of this adorable liberal that you know.

Evidence of the existence of the bad hair!

This hair is evidence of a NON-merciful god.

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