A to Z from Men to Zen

You know how some people like to point out that dog spelled backwards is god? Well, I have a fascination with words that are one letter OFF one another…like swanky and skanky. You can be swanky, but change one little letter and POW! You’re SKANKY. It’s so funny!

Right now I’m reading The Dude and The Zen Master and it popped into my head that the words MEN and ZEN are only one letter off; ergo, MEN are one letter away FROM BEING ZEN!

A_Zmen_men and zen
I’m sorry about these colors.

That got me thinking about all the OTHER things MEN might be close to being. So, I worked my way through the entire alphabet. Come see!

Aen: This was a bad place to start. Let’s move on to B.

Ben: MEN are ONE LETTER away from being named BEN!

Cen: MEN are close to not being able to say CENT.

Den: MEN are a DEN.
What happened to MEN and their love of DENS? Are they now what is referred to as Douchebag Hollows? NOOOOOOO! I mean Manly Caves.


Gen: MEN are one letter away from being a generation unKNOWN.

Hen: Hahahahahah! MEN are a girlie chicken!

Ien: MEN are a misspelled Irish name.

Jen: MEN are a popular 1970’s girl name!

Ken: MEN is a barbie!

Len: MEN is a nick name for Laverne and Shirley’s neighbor.

Men: Oh! MEN ALREADY men!

Nen: hmmmmm…

Oen: MEN are a hipster spelling of Owen.

Pen: MEN are a writing instrument. Easy!

Qen: Men are a Ken from China.

Ren: Men are a…hold on…I have to look this one up. WHAT?! MEN are THIS?!
The CONFUCIAN (!)  virtue denoting the good feeling a virtuous human experiences when being altruistic.
We are learning WORDS on Writing Out Loud today!

Sen: MEN are a politician who loves to regulate my vagina.

Ten: MEN are the age they had cooties!

Uen: No.

Ven: Add another N and MEN is almost a diagram!

Wen: MEN is a text spelling of when.
NOTE: Author does not own a cell phone and has NO idea if people EVER text W-E-N for the word when. However, WEN could be a spelling that finally resolves all the confusion about whether to pronounce the H.

Xen: MEN is a Chinese word I just made up.

Yen: MEN are having a strong desire for Japanese currency!

Zen: MEN is just ONE LETTER away from being THE DUDE. Yeah, Well, Ya Know, That’s Just Like, uh, Your Opinion Man


A_Z men_jewishmenzen
Men as Ven

4 thoughts on “A to Z from Men to Zen

  1. Smiled my way through this post, but snorted my tea when I got to the final Venn diagram. Thanks for that.

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