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I Am SuperZen!

The other day I was taking a walk and getting more and more annoyed at all the luxury cars driving past me. I rerouted myself onto the trails, took a deep breath, and saw a couple of Stepford Wives walking toward me. Now, usually, when I see a Team of Stepford Wives (They are ALWAYS in teams. They are only solo if walking their yellow dog OR on their cell phone talking to a friend who just had plastic surgery) I always say “hello.” But the twins (always dressed alike) typically just ignore me. Turns out, it’s for good reason! When I said “Hi!” to THIS pair, one of them tried to say “Hello,” back, but it was too much on top of talking to her friend and walking her dog and she tripped on a root. So, being SuperZen really helped me find that amusing.

super zen_2014-tesla-model-s_100436548_m

I would also find it amusing if a Tesla lost its charge while stuck in traffic at a light, RIGHT when I was walking by.

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  1. Bardagy – I would love to go walking with you one day. We could have a stand-off with the twins! (Although I might lose points, as I don’t own/wear North Face)….

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