Signs That You Are Sufficiently Jacked Up

I can tell my anti-depressant/anti-anxiety meds are finally reaching therapeutic levels because yesterday I actually had this thought:

I can’t LEAVE Barrington. This town NEEDS me!

And then today, when I was cutting my grapefruit into easy-spoonable sections, I thought:

I’m so happy for this grapefruit knife. This thing is so HANDY.

Now, if you knew my brain before medication, you’d know that the grapefruit knife USED TO seem rather stupid to me, like a lazy person’s totally-unnecessary kitchen utensil. That downward spiraling thought would  then just lead to negative thinking about the ICED TEA SPOON and it was only  a matter of time before — of COURSE — strawberry stem pickers and cherry pitters were taking it on the chin. In my head.

But not today! Today, the kitchen utensils felt like some kind of MIRACLE. Like, thank you, completely useful things that make my life easier. Why WOULDN’T you want an iced tea spoon? It makes reaching into the tall glass so EASY.

I can’t believe these drugs are legal.

jackedUp_grapefruit knife
What an invention.

7 thoughts on “Signs That You Are Sufficiently Jacked Up

  1. hilarious! you reminded me that we used to go to KFC to eat mashed potatoes w/ a spork and i was so appreciative, and maybe just a little bit high

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