Competitions for My Love As I Attempt to Purchase a Cell Phone

Today I am holding five competitions for MY LOVE. CBW love is nothing to scoff at. You will receive earnest birthday wishes signed with X’s and O’s and also declarations of your awesomeness in CAPITAL LETTERS.

I will be linking these competitions to my new cell phone acquisition, which I hope to be live videotaping later today via my laptop. Here are the five specific competitions. Please make your entries in the comments section of this blog post and good luck to all!

COMPETITION A: How many minutes into discussing the features of my cell phone will the Best Buy employee look like s/he has entered a customer service hell never experienced before?

COMPETITION B: Name the specific hour/minute at which my husband will declare any of the following: 1. It’s just a phone! PLEASE JUST GET SOMETHING; 2. You’re a smart woman, Catherine; you can handle a phone with call waiting and texting (and/or any additional other features of which I am currently unaware exist and mostly overwhelmed by); 3. I’m going to find a vegan bakery where there’s some cool music playing. We’ll pick you up in an hour.

COMPETITION C: Number of phones that CBW will pick up and have pretend conversations while saying things like, “this one is too light;” or “my mouth doesn’t even reach the mouthpiece, my words will never actually reach the phone!” or “I can’t even get my hands around this wide-body;” or “I’m just not a Apple person; I’m more of a Windows [tm] girl;” or “this one is way too heavy;” or “this is like holding an iPAD to my head;” or “Captain, can you hear me?! He’s all over the place! Nine hundred feet up to 1300 feet. What an asshole!”

I couldn't immediately reach a phone to fake testing with, so I used my coffee mug. It was too heavy!
I couldn’t reach a phone to fake test with, so I used my coffee mug. It was too heavy!

COMPETITION D: Percentage chance that CBW will spend at least two full hours shopping and then leave Best Buy without a phone while she Makes Her Decision.

COMPETITION E: Number of days after cell phone purchase before CBW gives her cell phone number to her mother.


12 thoughts on “Competitions for My Love As I Attempt to Purchase a Cell Phone

  1. B – I’m guessing your patient husband gave you a solid ten minutes before, “you are a smart woman..” :)

    That was a totally enjoyable read.

  2. Not knowing your husband (but he sounds like many other husbands I know), I would have to say C, again identifying! It feels like such a permanent decision and nothing is quite right! Godspeed, Goldilocks.

  3. option F…go with the apple…don’t make my mistake…you like music too much…it has the best battery life…most solid phone that will last until you need a new one…THEN go to cool veg cafe WITH the family! xo

      1. I KNOW! Can’t believe we use to live over there! Ha so far from everything! Ha! Boston is only a few minutes more! 😉

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