Cell Phone Shopping — Day One

VERIZON GUY: That cell phone will be $60/month. That’s the cheapest we have.
ME: Can’t you do any kind of bundling to make it cheaper? We use Verizon for our land line and our internet access at home.
VG: We can install this wireless phone capability that will make all the phones in your home $20/month, but I’m not sure what internet would cost.
ME: What do you mean you’d make our phones wireless? You mean our cordless phones would become wireless?
VG: Yes. And the cost for all calls would be $20/month.
ME: I don’t get it.
VG <a little impatient>: It would be exactly how it is now, with your existing phones, but $20/month.
ME: No…no…I get that. I just don’t get the technology. How does the technology work? What is it doing?
VG: Ummmm…I don’t know. My boss just goes in and installs it and it works.
ME <to self>: I’m going clothes shopping.


I bought this in a blue/green instead. It was half as much as one month of my new cell phone.
I bought this in a blue/green instead. It was 50% off one month of cell phone.

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