the whole thing with me & cell phones

Imagine a World In Which All the Annoying Cell Phone Users Had to Sit Through This

There is nothing quite like hearing a person talk on their cell phone in a public setting. In that instant, I can never quite think of the perfect thing to say or do to make them realize how Completely Annoying They Are. Now, I have created the perfect tool.

Simply play the video below when someone is annoying you on their cell phone and — I promise you — the public-cell-phone talker will stop in their tracks.

Imagine if ALL the annoying cell phone users around the world had to listen to this video. Annoying cell phone users would stop talking in public, just for fear of having this video played at them! We could create a movement…A REVOLUTION!

Join me, friends. It’s time.

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    • Shannon, this was so perfect to wake up to. #`. it cracked me up. #2. Peter Brady was SO cute! #3. If you’re old enough to float a Brady Bunch reference I EXTRA LURF you. Thanks for reading! xo

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