The Dumbest Smart Person I Know

First, I’m going to give away the surprise ending. **I** am the dumbest smart person I know! This concept was first introduced in this post, but I have done many more dumb things since then.

Unfortunately, I am in the midst of trying to Build My Self-Esteem and Reframe My Thoughts, so I will not be entertaining you with the many more dumb things I’ve done. Let’s just say that I’m still really struggling with acronyms.

I wanted to make you a picture of the kind of dumb I am, but at first, I could only think of the kind of dumb I’m NOT.

I am dumb, but I wouldn't drive 1,000+ miles to see Elvis in a grilled cheese. I can't even EAT grilled cheese.
I am dumb, but I wouldn’t drive 1,000+ miles to see Elvis in a grilled cheese. I can’t even EAT grilled cheese.

As part of my Self Esteem Building, I am ALSO trying to NOT make fun of other people, so, apologies to anyone who has ever driven to Mexico to see an image of Elvis…in a grilled cheese sandwich, in tree bark, wherever. I’m sure you had a great time.

So in that continued spirit, I’ve created THIS picture of MY kind of dumb. This picture is titled “Everything In My Life Started Going Downhill When I Learned That There Was Something Called Emotional Intelligence.”

“Anything happens to my daughter, I got a .45 and a shovel, I doubt anybody would miss you. ” Now I’m just copying more great quotes from Mel, the dad in Clueless. Bye!



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