An Illustrative Graph of My Funny and Its Key

Here is a chart of my funny over the years. (A key to the images follows)

LEVELofFunny by age


leveloffunny_OJ_age4When I was 4, I’d drink orange juice and then run into the middle of a group of adults, fall over and everyone would crack up. Family members STILL tell that story. Yes! Other favorite 4 year-old family story: me climbing up onto bed, lying down, crossing one leg over the other and announcing to my 19 year-old cousin, “Let’s talk Girl Talk.” Hilarious.

leveloffunny_kissmeicon_age10At 10 I was the funniest girl in my class. I’m not sure who the funniest boy was, maybe Darius Nemekis; although the only thing I remember about him was that he knitted nose warmers, which I guess would be funny, if I remembered him giving me one. I dreamed of being a stand up comic and on my birthday, my friends gave me a homemade t-shirt that said KISS ME I’M A COMEDIAN. I got these retro iron on letters off the internet to recreate the t-shirt, which was this color, but didn’t look like a ransom note.

leveloffunny_boyNYyankeefan_age13This is an illustration of a boy. I did not get a picture of a boy off the internet because every time I typed “image teenage boys” I got the creeps. Also, I made this boy a YANKEES fan, just to pretend I had standards other than “cute” when I was THIS into boys. Please note precipitous decline in hilarity at this time. I found it difficult to diet plus make my curly hair look like Farrah Fawcet’s while simultaneously trying to be funny. These years were all about kissing boys, which I highly recommend. If you’re into that kind of thing.

leveloffunny_ringsHusbandlaughsatmyjokes_age27My comedic self really flatlined during adulthood, which started with bulimia, moved into lots of therapy, became undiagnosed anxiety and blha blafhaaads;haljfffsk  IT’S SO NOT FUN. But, my husband always laughed at my jokes. That’s why the rings. (These are not my rings.) My husband is a MENSCH.

leveloffunny_FBicon_age45When I started on Facebook, people once again started calling me funny. In all honesty, I’d  forgotten that part of myself. The high point of this being-funny-on-Facebook was when an old high school classmate of mine named Nancy, a girl I knew, but with whom I was never close, called me all the way from Florida to tell me that I had a talent and that I should write a book. Isn’t that so nice?! I’d like to give Nancy BIG thank you!

That's a 100 pt'er!
That’s a 100 pt’er!


Today, my funny levels continue to go up, mostly because I have more confidence in myself. At this time, I’d like to thank my mother, who made me the person I am today, and a 40 mg dose of Viibryd ™ brand anti-depressants for UNmaking it!

Thank you and good night!

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