Don’t Drive Like My Neighbors

I’m making a series of graphics about my near-death experiences with the local drivers, in the hopes that they can be used as Public Service Announcements (with Swear Words) about bad driving or — possibly — to highlight overly dramatic RESPONSES.

I’ve included my first two graphics in this blog post (one was previously published in another post, but I’ve decided to do a series and wanted to have both graphics together in a single post. Sorry to give you all that unnecessary meta information about my thought process. Oh, for fuck’s sake, now I have to correct my spelling of unnecessary. DAMN IT! Now that’s TWO times! 2 Ns, 1 C, 2 Ss…WHO REMEMBERS THAT?!).

WARNING: The titles of these graphics may push the (appropriate) ratio of swear words to regular words.


Catherine Bardagy Winchild

POST I — You Are Supposed to STOP for Pedestrians, You Stupid, Dense, Irritating, Fucking Fuck Fuck Fuck!

Sorry about the yellow line going over my body in Step 2. I was reliving the act of ALMOST DYING.

Sorry about the yellow line going over my body in Step 2. I was reliving the act of ALMOST DYING.


POST II — Why Would You Buy a 4-Wheel Drive Vehicle if You’re NOT Going to Use it on Rough Roads, Assholeasswipedouchebagfatherfucker!?

driving directions_going over snow

Well, okay, the TRUE STORY was that I fell on my ASS, but I thought the picture looked funnier upside down.


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  1. that is a very fetching purple beret.

    I also enjoy your flesh colored mitten hands.

    with all that artistry, I bet you could take a photo of you from the waist up and just add legs in post.

      • the best thing about your convo with snackfancy yesterday (besides how awesome you both are) is that you are BOTH foafs. like, I know her less than you. she’s just a twitter pal one of my close friends recently suggested I start following. much like katy/you! and then the two of youse hit it off! like six degrees of kevin bacon or some shit. so great!

        ps i’m glad you’re both in my twitter/blog life now too :)

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