In Defense of Comic Sans

What the hotel did the Comic Sans font ever do to us?! My GAWD! The hostility after that one McSweeney’s article about how ridiculous the font is. I’m sorry that the people who use Comic Sans font did not go to the School Of Cool Fucking Fonts.

There are about 10 GAGILLION fonts listed JUST in Word. And I can’t even imagine the fonts available to those groovy MacBook users. Why not make it easy? Choose one you know! It’s right at the top!

Can we please just accept Comic Sans font and save our disdain for people who publicly correct my grammar on Facebook? [1]

comic sans

[1] Just kidding! [2]

[2] Not really. [3]

[3] Well, sort of. I just feel like such a DUMBASS when someone calls me out on a misspelling in a Facebook comment. [4]

[4] Don’t worry! I’m going to write an entire post about The Best Way To Correct An Overly Sensitive Person’s Grammar. [5]

[5] You’re welcome!

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