The Writing Process

Writing a book is hard. Writing a blog was a challenge at first, too, until a person suggested I think of each blog post as multiple Facebook posts pieced together. Facebook posts have always just flowed out of me.

I keep telling myself to think of my book as multiple blog posts strung together, but it’s not working. This is basically what the writing process has been like for me:

5:00 am: Wake

5:05 am: Make coffee

5:10 am: Drink coffee (best part of day)

5:15 am: Start writing

5:30 am: I can’t write a book! I don’t have enough funny material for an entire book. It’s like a funny movie: it’s usually only really funny for the first 5 minutes and then it’s just a regular story about a guy’s struggle with his father or his relationship with his best friend. I can write a few funny lines, but the in between stuff is so boring and the world doesn’t NEED another book. And the world DEFINITELY doesn’t need another memoir-ish kinda book. I’m only writing a book because people TOLD me I should write a book. I never WANTED to write a book. I always wanted to be a stand-up comic. I should write a stand-up routine. I’m going to write a stand-up routine and perform it for my 50th birthday. What am I thinking about?! I can’t write a stand-up routine! Just keep writing the book. Every writer struggles with this. We’re not writers because of our high self-esteem. We write because of our inner struggles. I CAN do this! I can DEFINITELY do this. No I CAN’T do this! I am not worthy. I AM NOT WORTHY!!!!!!

6:30 am: Gotta get the kids to school!

And so it goes…


5 thoughts on “The Writing Process

      1. Isn’t growing all about stretching beyond what you think you can accomplish? I believe in you!

  1. Is growth supposed to involve this much self-flagellation? :) Thank you again. Your words ARE encouraging (and a good reminder).

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