Oh, Ho, Ho It’s Magic

I am not a religious person. (Although, I did once pray to Jesus asking him to have a member of the no-blacks-no-Jews-all-white golf club in town fall off one of the course’s bridges while he was crossing in his golf cart and land in the tidal inlet. He wouldn’t get hurt! I’m not a sadist. I was just looking for some wet humiliation.)

Okay, I am not a religious person. So, what am I? Please punch me if I say, “I’m a spiritual person.” I mean, I probably am a spiritual person, but I think that qualification has been maxed out for this lifetime. What I do believe in, is a little magic.

Possibly the most magical thing that happens to me All The Time is when someone I haven’t seen or heard from in months — maybe even years — just “pops into my head.” Then, within hours, or days, they are just there — in person at the post office, or virtually, on Facebook.

I can hear you now. Trust me, my college-aged self would have said the same thing: all of that is just coincidence. Maybe. But, today, I like to think of it as magic.

Sure, there are plenty of reasons not to believe in magic. Take my family’s dishwasher loading, for example. But not believing in something magical just doesn’t feel right at this point in my life.

I’m currently reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s book, Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear and it is big, because I got the Large Print edition! When I first started reading it, I thought, “This is so mumbo-jumbo-y.” You know, how you feel when other people tell you a story that they think is incredibly magical and you immediately think, “Eh. Sounds like a big fat coincidence to me!” (But if YOU told the same story, it would be, “Sooooooo WEIRD!!”)

But as I kept reading, the stuff she was writing about really DID seem magical. Like, shut the book and exclaim, “No WAY!” magical.

I don’t need to convince you that there’s any magic in the world. Believing in a little magic is good for me, because without it, I would just get depressed about the popularity of the Donald Trumps and Ted Cruzeses of the world. Believing in magic also helps me focus on the more important things in life, like hoping that — some day — a Trump-supporting white guy will fall off his golf cart into the tidal inlet right when I’m walking by. Hahahha! JUST KIDDING! That’s not magical, that’s just mean. JUST KIDDING! I was just trying to sound more adult back there. It would be fucking hilarious!

oh-ho-ho_magic eye image
If you stare long enough, a picture of Ted Cruz will not magically appear. I have no idea WHAT will appear, because I can never get these guys to work.


Catherine B. Winchild

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