Intolerant Liberal

How are you all feeling today? A little intolerant? Oh, yes. That’s because we are liberal snowflakes with no tolerance for anyone except gay illegal immigrants getting married in a unisex bathroom at a workplace where everyone wishes you a “Happy Holiday!” (on Halloween)

I’ve been struggling with this call of intolerance against me by republicans and now Trump supporters. I don’t like being called intolerant. I try not to be intolerant. But, let’s face it: It is really hard to be tolerant of, for example: Nazis, pussy grabbers. You get the picture.

We Democrats like to think we’re some kinda political Dalai Lamas. But we’re not! We’re just regular folk who really don’t want people to tell us what to do with our vaginas.

This is kinda how it goes every single day in my head: Cath, you look adorable today. Whoops! Not that thought. Here are the real thought that actually go with this post:

Cath, you have to understand where others are coming from, so that we can all talk to one another and create solutions.

And then I go online. And there it is. This Trumpy supporter (or Russian bot? Or maybe a VERY single Bernie Guy??) writing on a Facebook page dedicated to Hillary’s book tour:

Trumper: Hillary should be driven to her speech in Portland in a horse trailer with no hay. (for real)

ME: You sound lovely. Are you single? (always gets lots of likes!)

Trumpette: Free Speech!

ME: I’m not sicking the law on you. Throwing down insults here is unnecessary and rude. Why come here and just say the first obnoxious thing that pops into your head just because you can?

Trumper2: You libs are so intolerent!

ME: I would respect what you had to say a lot more IF YOU COULD FUCKING SPELL INTOLERANT!

Have you noticed this recent trend of being insulted by our political opponents and then embracing the slander? During the election, there were many “I’m a Deplorable!” political signs on Trump supporter lawns and I proudly wear a Nasty Woman t-shirt. So — today — am owning my liberal intolerance. I am owning it SO much, that I’m making it one word with two caps: IntolerantLiberal. Like LinkedIn!

I fully understand that if I saw someone at a high school reunion who had voted for Trumpy, the first thing I’d say to them is: I cannot believe I kissed you in high school. No! I already tell them that on Facebook. What I’d really say is “hello,” then give them a big hug and notice the cold, empty space where their heart used to be. Nooooo! I’d feel their forehead and notice the cold empty space where their brain used to be. Just kidding! I’d say, “If you and I were married and you voted for Trump, I totally would have divorced you.” OHMYGAWD these are just thoughts in my head! But – seriously– that divorce thing is true.

Rock on, IntolerantLiberals. Rock on.

trump_reasons self esteem is low

I’d have more tolerance for THIS guy if he could feel a single moment of weakness.


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