Listening to This Album Will Help You Lose Weight and Get Rich Quick!

You know how when you REALLY love something — like, say — frozen yogurt, and every time you eat the frozen yogurt, you want to SHARE IT, because it is SO GOOD, even IF the person you are sharing it with does not even LIKE frozen yogurt and will later in life discover s/he is lactose intolerant? Well, THAT is how I feel about Beck’s new album, Colors. Every_single_song is perfect. The album is ordered so meticulously that you cannot listen to it any other way but from start to finish. Ten perfect songs lined up for the car or while you’re making dinner, that put you in the presence of an artistic genius. Don’t get me started on the lyrics, which come at you so smoothly and quickly that Beck seems like a whiter version of Eminem. AND I’M NOT EVEN A BECK FAN. I cannot post this enough. PLEASE LISTEN TO THIS ALBUM. PLEASE HAVE A BITE OF THIS VANILLA FROZEN YOGURT WITH TOASTED COCONUT ON TOP FROM THAT BRAND NEW FROZEN YOGURT SHOP IN EVANSTON, ILLINOIS.


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