Hello, Nice Person!

I know the About page can make or break whether you read my blog. Let’s just say that the only thing I like LESS than selling myself is bending over a toilet and vomiting. JUST KIDDING! I’d rather vomit.

I’ll be brief. And I promise I won’t mention vomiting again.

So, I love to write. For paid work, I do something called Technical Writing. Technical Writers are those people who create detailed instructions on how to use things, like your dishwasher, which you then promptly ignore. I write technical documentation for a software company. Doesn’t that make me sound smart? Trust me: I am often confused.

Look! I really am adorable!

Look! I really am adorable!

Here at Writing Out Loud, I basically just write down the thoughts that crack me up and — sometimes¬† — I draw “fancy” pictures to go with them. Then nice people tell me things like, “you are so funny” or “you are hilarious” or “you are adorable!”

It’s a great time.

So, welcome! I think you’ll enjoy.


Catherine Bardagy Winchild
rhymes with BAR-DUH-GEE

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  1. Writing is definitely therapeutic. Sometimes the things that are bothersome are worth thrashing about on actual paper with a pen or pencil—it then becomes ‘art’, and the next day, pull out a guitar and see what becomes of it. Maybe there’s a Pony in that thar stable, and it’s your job to dig it up (becoming a millionaire in the process).

  2. okay…where did ‘Storrow Drive’ post go….I could learn from reading that over and over and over again! Congratulations you are a better person than I! xo

  3. You are so funny! You are hilarious! You are adorable! Oh sorry, I thought I was supposed to quote what you said above. Thanks for being one of the actual funny blogs under the humorous category. That’s like finding someone on Facebook that doesn’t overshare or put stupid inspirational quotes on the feed.

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