What People Are Saying About Writing Out Loud

This is the other page that will decide whether you read my blog. What can I say? Humor is personal. And, personally, I crack myself up. And other people too. Here are few things people have said about Writing Out Loud. I combined similar comments to save you time. You’re welcome!

Funny, hilarious, brilliant …

I guffawed/laughed out loud/spit out my coffee/peed in my pants.

I was in a bad mood and your blog cheered me up.

Whoever edited your “writing out loud” piece was high on crack at the time, unless you’re just trying to be a smart ass…which, of course is totally plausible…otherwise, your editor botched multiple things…let me know if this was intentional or if you want me to save your sterling reputation.

That last one is my favorite. It’s from a family member.

Anyway, if you stick around, welcome. I hope I can provide you with a worthy distraction to your crazy day.


Catherine B. Winchild
2017 Adorable Laureate

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