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Clip Art Memes

The other day I caught wind of bloggers getting into trouble for using photos off the web. Whoops! In the spirit of Not Wanting To Get Sued By An Asshole, I’ve created these internet memes using only publicly available Clip Art. So let’s go! Thank you for your […]

Zen Diagrams

Well, I had so much fun making that On Wealth flowchart that I decided to create some more graphics for your listening pleasure. I’m calling them Zen diagrams because I once confused Venn with the word Zen and it was totally fucking adorable.

On Wealth

Do you think I hate rich people? Ohmygawd, no. I went to boarding school, for genius’s sake. I hung out with “debs:” girls who were “coming out” and had personal assistants for their cotillion shopping.  How could I hate rich people when I WAS a rich people? That all being said: […]