Twitter is from Mars, Facebook is from Venus

I have tried to NOT make fun of twitter, for fear of putting bad juju out into the universe, but I can no longer hold my tongue. Twitter is the weirdest social media site I’ve ever experienced. And I’ve experienced two. First of all, there’s this weird hierarchy established by when you first JOINED twitter, which is […]

The Like

Ahhhh, the Facebook “Like.” That little blue link that says so much and so nothing at the same time. The word itself —  like — is so completely inadequate. For example, in 7th grade, when you begin to like boys for the first time, you have to use the word twice to even imply your […]

Not Owning It

I recently connected with an old friend who’d gone back to our hometown for Thanksgiving. The friend told me how my name came up in conversations about Facebook, and I was somewhat surprised to hear that the talk was not, CBW’s posts are hysterical, adorable and of the perfect quantity! Suffice it to say, what […]

The Anatomy of an Unfriending

I was going to call this post “The Anatomy of the Unfriending of a Douchebag,” but then I realized I would never get Freshly Pressed. with that kind of “bad stuff [that] includes…adult/mature content.” So, I’ll just call the guy I unfriended, D. For Douchebag. I first found D on Facebook, writing something very funny […]

Facebook Love

Recently someone said to me, “It’s just Facebook, Cath.” To me, implying: It’s not real life; it’s high school. Uh, helloooooooooooo! Real life isn’t really real life. Real life is high school. Facebook? Facebook is merely life’s wonderful yearbook. Facebook Haters: BE WARNED! I’m about to throw a few more slow burning logs on the […]