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The New Not Normal

When you live in a place like Swankenstein long enough, its concentration of wealthy people emulating the 1% begins to pass for “normal.” Well, I’m here to provide us all with with a bit of an adorable reality check. We all (me included!) need to stop thinking that […]

Really. White. People.

White Comedy

If black comedy is defined as the creation of something funny from a tragic situation, then white comedy should be defined as the making fun of the tragic situation called Being White. You may say to yourself: Catherine, YOU are white! Well, aren’t you cute. No, I am not […]

Letters to the Editor

A friend recently forwarded me this letter to the editor from the Swankington Times: To the editor: New Years Day 2012 my beautiful 26 year old daughter waited on line in Starbucks coffee shop. Two thirty-something females stood behind her on line. They proceeded to comment on her […]