Facebook Evolution

Way back in the early 2009s, I was a Facebook scrooge. I made fun of my husband when he’d type something into the old “What are you doing right now?” field. I’d create an account, panic, then shut it down. All those off-center profile pictures. The whole thing scared […]

The Blogoplanet

Publishing my writing in the so-called blogosphere makes me feel like I’m creating some type of mediocre craft work that goes straight to Regretsy.com. Naming my blog was the first blogosphere experience that made me feel like I’d never had a clever or unique idea in my life. […]

Who’s the Boss?

Tony Danza? Bruce? Nope. It turns out NO one wants to be the boss. How do I know? That would be called: I am applying for a job. Here are some sample job requirements taken from Real Live job descriptions: Demonstrated ability to organize self/others; work independently/take initiative […]