Letters to the Editor

A friend recently forwarded me this letter to the editor from the Swankington Times: To the editor: New Years Day 2012 my beautiful 26 year old daughter waited on line in Starbucks coffee shop. Two thirty-something females stood behind her on line. They proceeded to comment on her […]


I swear I understand Chaos Theory better than I understand Christian denominations. Case in point: a family member recently wondered aloud whether a certain church talked about Jesus. I kinda thought that guy was the whole point of a Christian church. But what do I know? I am […]

Facebook Evolution

Way back in the early 2009s, I was a Facebook scrooge. I made fun of my husband when he’d type something into the old “What are you doing right now?” field. I’d create an account, panic, then shut it down. All those off-center profile pictures. The whole thing scared […]

The Blogoplanet

Publishing my writing in the so-called blogosphere makes me feel like I’m creating some type of mediocre craft work that goes straight to Regretsy.com. Naming my blog was the first blogosphere experience that made me feel like I’d never had a clever or unique idea in my life. […]