Buying a Car is Like Dating and I GUARANTEE You’ll Lose 10 Pounds

NO ONE can guarantee that you’ll lose 10 pounds. That’s ALL YOU. I’m just trying to write things that break through the internet noise, creating titles that have as much appeal as a stoned cat video (NOTE: I have never seen a stoned cat video.) ((Please don’t send me links to stoned cat videos.)) My husband has […]

The Anatomy of an Unfriending

I was going to call this post “The Anatomy of the Unfriending of a Douchebag,” but then I realized I would never get Freshly Pressed. with that kind of “bad stuff [that] includes…adult/mature content.” So, I’ll just call the guy I unfriended, D. For Douchebag. I first found D on Facebook, writing something very funny […]

On Wealth

Do you think I hate rich people? Ohmygawd, no. I went to boarding school, for genius’s sake. I hung out with “debs:” girls who were “coming out” and had personal assistants for their cotillion shopping.  How could I hate rich people when I WAS a rich people? That all being said: there are RULES. They are called: CBW’s […]