Competitions for My Love As I Attempt to Purchase a Cell Phone

Today I am holding five competitions for MY LOVE. CBW love is nothing to scoff at. You will receive earnest birthday wishes signed with X’s and O’s and also declarations of your awesomeness in CAPITAL LETTERS. I will be linking these competitions to my new cell phone acquisition, which I hope to be live videotaping […]

Questions and Answers About Perimenopause with Catherine Bardagy Winchild

The only thing you ever see in movies and television shows about perimenopause is the hot flashes. Well, I don’t even HAVE hot flashes. There is so much more that goes on with perimenopause that I want to tell you about, so women everywhere will know what to expect. Here are answers to some common […]

Someone High Up in the Vegan Movement Is Trying to Kill Me

I cook a lot of vegan meals for my dairy-free and moving towards vegan family members. So please, no angry-ass, pro-vegan comments about this post. Not that I’m afraid of you, since you are probably slightly underweight and also anemic. But — seriously — what the hotel happened to all those hippie-dippy, Vermont-based, local-health-food-store-shopping, Birkenstocks- […]