Buying a Car is Like Dating and I GUARANTEE You’ll Lose 10 Pounds

NO ONE can guarantee that you’ll lose 10 pounds. That’s ALL YOU. I’m just trying to write things that break through the internet noise, creating titles that have as much appeal as a stoned cat video (NOTE: I have never seen a stoned cat video.) ((Please don’t send me links to stoned cat videos.)) My husband has […]

Mother Do You Think They’ll Like the Blog?

Hockey farging shiksa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wouldn’t it be funny if that was the entire post about my mom’s visit? For those of you who are not intimately familiar with the details of my personal life, my mother recently packed up her entire life; left her northern California home, where she’d been living for over a year; flew […]

The Insecure Woman’s Guide to Living

One thing that’s always amazed me is how the most intelligent, gorgeous, funny and talented women can think the Absolute Worst things about themselves. (And how men who are complete dicks go around thinking how awesome they are. But that’s another blog.) That all being said, I gave up fighting my insecure perspective on myself […]