Working 8:20 to 4:55

Girl oh girl, I hope you have the song “9 to 5” in your head now. Other titles I considered for this blog were: Working for Tuition (“Working for a Living”) and Full Time a-Worker (“Full Time Lover”). So, yeah. I’m working full-time for pay. The full-time part is the hardest part of this gig. […]

The Reluctant Home Schooler — A Very Long Account of What I Have Been Doing for the Last 10 Weeks

My daughter is home. She attends an online public charter school (wrap your head around that one), sanctioned by the state of Oregon. How did we get here? Well, my daughter’s science teacher was covering evolution and global warming and her school required vaccinations, so I finally said: Enough is enough! Noooooooooooooooo!!!! That is not […]

The Real World — Swankington

Over the last few Barrington school committee meetings, residents voiced their support — or opposition — to the decision about the later middle/high school start times. The comment that consistently received the most Yeah!s from the crowd was, “Early school start times prepare our kids for the real world.” (And, yes, school committee meetings actually include Yeah!s from the crowd, which I find […]

Birth of the (Almost) Cool

For some reason (having to do with “too many social workers”? Still not exactly sure) my family and I left our home in Vermont and moved to Rhode Island, where the VERY first thing a Providence mom said to me on my son’s first day of preschool was, “Where are you going to send your son […]